When Life Presents You With A Mountain, Put On Your Climbing Shoes And Start Climbing


When life gives you a mountain, put on your climbing shoes and start climbing! As a young girl I was adventurous, wanted to bungy jump off a cliff, jump out of a plane, scale a rock wall, etc….Then somewhere along the journey as I entered adulthood I formed a fear of heights. Maybe it was the time my husband, small son and I were hiking in Zion National Park.

We found ourselves on the hiking path high above the ground, entering what I referred to as, “The Point of No Return” zone. In order to continue, you had to hug the cliff wall and carefully slide your feet across the narrow floor space, all while being one step away from becoming the evening’s tragic news story. I DID NOT want to continue. I remember my son who was a mere 5 years old at the time saying, “Come on Mama, you can do it! See its not bad!” as he scooted around the ledge. I thought I was going to hurl breakfast seeing him move. Vertigo set in, I was in “full mode” fear.

When I realized I would be sitting there alone waiting for them to return from the rest of the hike, I sucked it up and moved. Fear had enveloped every single inch of my body, the feeling was intense to say the least. But I did it, I made it around the corner. We all made it out that day without becoming the news, thank God! What strikes me today is what was on the other side. The amazing views, the striking rock formations, the waterfalls, it was by far a trip to forever remember. If you have never experienced Zion, add it to your bucket list. We have been back a few times. I could live there if they would let me, it is so majestic. I feel God’s presence in HD when I am there.

So I write this story today because life places mountains in front of us often. Some big, some small, and whatever the size if we chose to scale these obstacles we will be forever changed by what is revealed on the other side.

This week I had small obstacles blocking my way, discouraging me from moving past them. It felt as if someone was standing high above me and throwing boulders one by one in front of my path saying, “I’ll stop her! What does she think she is trying to do? You can’t do that?” Who do you think you are? (that one AGAIN) It was getting the best of me. I prayed, I journal-ed, I honored my quiet God time. Thank goodness for my wonderful supportive husband, he seems to always know when to encourage me, when to joke with me (and when to not! ha ha!), or when to give me a much needed hug and say “I love you”.

What I discovered about myself through this boulderfest was that sometimes I need to take a step back. Take a breath and slow it down. Look inside and decipher what is creating the fear. What is getting me hung up. In today’s world we expect everything instantly. We live in a world where everything is at your fingertips in warp speed. It can be a positive and a negative. For me, I needed to hit “pause” and stop and look at what I had already accomplished in order to get myself back on track and equipped to overcome the obstacles.

I put on my climbing shoes and my “I will conquer” attitude. I took one step up the mountain, one reach here, one foot there. Like a climber I assessed my options, took careful note of my surroundings and where I would make my very next move. To much amazement I scaled my mountain successfully. I had a very productive AND peaceful day. I allowed myself to step back from the situation and assess. I conquered and what was revealed on the other side gave me hope and a feeling of gratitude for trusting in God’s way and not fear’s way.

So I encourage you today to scale your mountain whatever it may be. Get back up if you have fallen into the pit of discouragement. Put on your climbing shoes and “can do” attitude, for what will be revealed on the other side with take your breath away. It is better to try and discover than worry and wonder.



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