Comfort & Joy: Pillow Talk!

Holiday cheer is in the air and what better time to talk about pillows because they can offer comfort & joy for the Christmas season and beyond!  😊

Those close to me know how much I love pillows. I enjoy a cozy pillow when I cuddle up in a chair to read a book and I have accumulated dozens thanks to the staging part of my business. I am like a kid in a candy store when I approach the pillow section in T.J. Maxx. In others words I have a serious pillow fetish! As a designer, I cannot tell you how many homes I have been in that were seriously lacking in the “pillow department” of the living areas and bedrooms.

So, if any of you out there have guests scheduled to visit over the upcoming holidays I suggest you seriously consider your home pillow situation. Here are my “10 Steps to Create Comfort & Joy” with pillows!

 10 Steps to Create “Comfort & Joy” with a Pleasing Pillow Plan for the

Holidays & Beyond:

 5 Steps to spruce up your home with pillows = Comfort & Joy

5 Steps to prep the guest room for your guests = Comfort & Joy






5 Steps to Spruce Up Your Home with Pillows:

  • Get rid of the sofa/chair pillows that came with the furniture (unless you purchased a high sofa with high end pillows). They are boring, usually the same fabric, lack in style, and aren’t usually great for comfort.
  • Choose accent pillows filled with down/feathers if possible. They offer more comfort and can easily be given the “fluff & chop” fix quickly to give the “model home” look!
  • Select 2 colors to coordinate with your room palette and consider textures for added interest. Your sofa or chair will transform into a show stopping piece of furniture.
  • Splurge a little! Pillows are reasonable at Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, and Kirkland’s (Kirkland’s offers coupons if you sign up on their email list!) so you can easily stock up on more pillows for a reasonable cost.
  • Buy bedroom accent pillows too. Please add them to your beds! Group in 2s & 3s. Large Square Shams mixed with smaller pillows create that nice hotel atmosphere. This is your bed, make it look inviting after a long hard work day. Pamper yourself with pillows!!!hancock house 2

5 Steps to Prep the Guest Room for Visitors = Comfort & Joy

  • Purchase new bed pillows & sheets if they have seen better days. Both are reasonable at the same stores mentioned earlier. If you are in a cold weather climate, consider flannel sheets for a cozy, warm experience that your guest will thank you for.
  • Offer options for your guest. Have back up pillows in the closet. I use 3 pillows for sleeping so please have more than one pillow available per guest and two types of comfort, firmer & softer. 😊
  • Add an extra coverlet or blanket folded nicely at the foot of the bed. This offers guests a quick, extra layer if needed. Guests may not want to impose by asking for more bedding and if it is in the middle of the night you don’t want your guest having to get up in search of an extra blanket!
  • Select books & magazines visitors would enjoy in the room. I like to have nice magazines and a few books in a basket or on the dresser for my guests to enjoy. It makes the experience more “home like”.
  • Place a few fine chocolates on the bed or night stand. This shows that you have prepared for your visitors and it will make them feel very welcome, especially if their travel was tiring or stressful.

guest 6


bed 1

Bonus Check list for your guest room

  • night light
  • coasters
  • tissue box
  • waste basket
  • bottled water
  • extra throw
  • available hanging space/hangers in the closet
  • bath towels wrapped in ribbon placed on the bed

bed 3

Happy Pillow hunting! By Diane Rogers


2 thoughts on “Comfort & Joy: Pillow Talk!

  1. I am a pillow person. I love pillows. I have LOTS of pillows. I just ordered festive pillows off of Etsy. I have pillow love!

    Oh and many men dislike pillows. Well at least my man does. Until he needs one… then he loves them.


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