So, here I go…

So, here I go, blog post numero uno. What thoughts come to mind? Apprehension. Vulnerability. Out there. Exposed..oh no what in the heck did I just get myself into???! O.K. now that I put that out there, here goes….

Me new do

I am an artist, a designer, a nature lover, foodie of sorts (isn’t everybody nowadays?), a visionary, a dreamer, and a closet writer. Now I can add blogger to my list! I have wanted to do this for years, but now that everyone else is doing it I thought, am I crazy? Why bother? I will be lost in the endless sea of bloggers on the Web. But my inner longings of my creative soul will no longer be kept dormant as I do have a voice.

What will I blog about? All things divinely inspired. You see as an artist and visionary I am always thinking, contemplating, dreaming, and so those things need to come out of my heart & head or I just may spontaneously com-bust! Will anyone read my blog? I don’t know that answer yet. But I do know I must purge my soul longings for my own sanity!

I have in the past been apprehensive about this blog thing.  The soul bullies come knocking and tell me, “So you think you are a writer, heh? What do you have to share or say? You have to have it all figured out first. You are not good enough.”…Oh, that last one! How many of us have heard that loud voice?

So this is where my 2 cents begins. Recently I read an amazing book that changed me. It opened up a part of me that has been dormant, pushed down and kept in a secure, protected place. Over the course of my life I have become more accustomed to playing it safe and in doing so, I have sacrificed a part of who I really am. I think many of us can relate. I have spent a lifetime of trying and striving to create an image and it has been exhausting… when all along God said, “You have an identity in Me that has already been designed. Discover it Diane. It is yours for the taking.”

I want to share about life experiences good & bad that have changed me. I want to share about things that I love; nature, family & friend time, art, my business adventures….did I leave out wine?… I hope that in using this platform I can inspire another soul to reach deep down inside and discover your dormant self and unleash it. After all, each one of us has something to offer this world. Go out and claim it!