Skip the New Years Resolutions, Here’s to Something Better!


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Happy New Year! 2018 has arrived and after the champagne buzz has worn off reality begins to set in. The start to a new year can bring a sigh of regret or excitement for a clean slate, a new beginning. With the New Year comes “New Years Resolutions” that oftentimes end up being broken. So, to kick off 2018 with a renewed outlook about goal setting, I have decided to do away with New Years Resolutions and replace them with an “I Commit” List & “Positive Affirmations”.

Also, my motto for 2018 is Carpe Diem, “to seize the day”, a Latin aphorism from the Roman poet, Horace.

If we can objectively reflect on what did and did not happen for us in the past year, we can then set out with a list of positive affirmations that will set the tone for our “I Commit” List. Doing this will help diminish the chatter that can plague the mind when trying to set goals. Then once we state and write down what we commit to, the Universe will grab hold of it and help with manifestation. Remember, you still have to do your part daily with actions to help bring your goals to fruition. This process can be fun!

Here are several of my positive affirmations that I have written down and will recite daily for 2018:

  • I am the architect of my life, I build the foundation and choose what it will look like.
  • I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions.
  • My ability to conquer challenge is limitless. I have infinite potential to succeed.
  • I am guided by Spirit every step of the way and will learn what is necessary for my growth.
  • My efforts are supported by the Universe. My dreams manifest into reality before my own eyes.
  • My obstacles are moving out of the way, my path is carved toward greatness.
  • My fears of tomorrow are melting away.
  • I am a powerhouse; I am indestructible.

Following my positive affirmations I wrote down what I commit to for 2018:

  • This year I commit to creating my new financial blueprint.
  • I commit to writing down my tasks daily and tracking my progress towards my goals.
  • I commit to establishing new, productive habits that will help me reach my goals.
  • I commit to educating myself about investing and then taking the necessary actions to invest.
  • I commit to proving to myself I will expand my brand, manage it well, and continue to create growth.

I have my affirmations & “I Commit” list written down in a journal. This is one part of my daily tracking. The other is my Day Planner Journal. The journal gives me my creative freedom to write, dream, and enjoy documenting what I am creating, while the Day Planner is my tracking device. It allows me to see what I am accomplishing daily and is the roadmap toward the bigger picture.


Another way to stay on course daily and be more productive is by writing down a few things you are grateful for every morning and every evening. I write both in my Day Planner and I am finding that it helps my day start and end with a grateful heart. I prefer to write things down instead of using an app because I believe there is a deeper connection to your goals when you are connected with hand/to pencil/to paper. (Have you ever read the book “Write It Down, Make It Happen” by Henriette Anne Klauser? One of my all time favs.) I am also an artist so I really bond with pencil & paper. Do what works for you, the most important thing is that you are documenting and tracking, and having fun with it.

Finally: There are so many tools available on the internet that will help you learn how to begin setting goals. Purchase a journal to write down your “Big Picture”, write in it daily. Purchase a day planner to track and document your progress. Here’s to a New Year brimming with possibilities and potential, now get going on making 2018 a year of growth and prosperity!

  • Best Self Co: offers one of the best day planners out there.
  • Day Designer by Blue Sky: available at Staples. Similar to Best Self’s product.
  • Moleskine journals: found at T.J Maxx, great for writing down your goals & dreams.

I commit to...

“The true test of greatness is most often measured in times of great challenge”.

– a quote from my Father

Go out and be a force this year!

New Years blessings,

Diane Rogers, written 01/01/18