Skip the New Years Resolutions, Here’s to Something Better!


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Happy New Year! 2018 has arrived and after the champagne buzz has worn off reality begins to set in. The start to a new year can bring a sigh of regret or excitement for a clean slate, a new beginning. With the New Year comes “New Years Resolutions” that oftentimes end up being broken. So, to kick off 2018 with a renewed outlook about goal setting, I have decided to do away with New Years Resolutions and replace them with an “I Commit” List & “Positive Affirmations”.

Also, my motto for 2018 is Carpe Diem, “to seize the day”, a Latin aphorism from the Roman poet, Horace.

If we can objectively reflect on what did and did not happen for us in the past year, we can then set out with a list of positive affirmations that will set the tone for our “I Commit” List. Doing this will help diminish the chatter that can plague the mind when trying to set goals. Then once we state and write down what we commit to, the Universe will grab hold of it and help with manifestation. Remember, you still have to do your part daily with actions to help bring your goals to fruition. This process can be fun!

Here are several of my positive affirmations that I have written down and will recite daily for 2018:

  • I am the architect of my life, I build the foundation and choose what it will look like.
  • I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions.
  • My ability to conquer challenge is limitless. I have infinite potential to succeed.
  • I am guided by Spirit every step of the way and will learn what is necessary for my growth.
  • My efforts are supported by the Universe. My dreams manifest into reality before my own eyes.
  • My obstacles are moving out of the way, my path is carved toward greatness.
  • My fears of tomorrow are melting away.
  • I am a powerhouse; I am indestructible.

Following my positive affirmations I wrote down what I commit to for 2018:

  • This year I commit to creating my new financial blueprint.
  • I commit to writing down my tasks daily and tracking my progress towards my goals.
  • I commit to establishing new, productive habits that will help me reach my goals.
  • I commit to educating myself about investing and then taking the necessary actions to invest.
  • I commit to proving to myself I will expand my brand, manage it well, and continue to create growth.

I have my affirmations & “I Commit” list written down in a journal. This is one part of my daily tracking. The other is my Day Planner Journal. The journal gives me my creative freedom to write, dream, and enjoy documenting what I am creating, while the Day Planner is my tracking device. It allows me to see what I am accomplishing daily and is the roadmap toward the bigger picture.


Another way to stay on course daily and be more productive is by writing down a few things you are grateful for every morning and every evening. I write both in my Day Planner and I am finding that it helps my day start and end with a grateful heart. I prefer to write things down instead of using an app because I believe there is a deeper connection to your goals when you are connected with hand/to pencil/to paper. (Have you ever read the book “Write It Down, Make It Happen” by Henriette Anne Klauser? One of my all time favs.) I am also an artist so I really bond with pencil & paper. Do what works for you, the most important thing is that you are documenting and tracking, and having fun with it.

Finally: There are so many tools available on the internet that will help you learn how to begin setting goals. Purchase a journal to write down your “Big Picture”, write in it daily. Purchase a day planner to track and document your progress. Here’s to a New Year brimming with possibilities and potential, now get going on making 2018 a year of growth and prosperity!

  • Best Self Co: offers one of the best day planners out there.
  • Day Designer by Blue Sky: available at Staples. Similar to Best Self’s product.
  • Moleskine journals: found at T.J Maxx, great for writing down your goals & dreams.

I commit to...

“The true test of greatness is most often measured in times of great challenge”.

– a quote from my Father

Go out and be a force this year!

New Years blessings,

Diane Rogers, written 01/01/18





Holiday Blessings

As 2017 comes to a close, I want to reflect on the many blessings that have been bestowed upon me this past year. Here it is just two days from New Year’s Eve and I find myself wondering, where did the time go? I guess thinking this doesn’t really serve me. What matters is what I do with today. Today I am here, I am able to live another day and cherish all that God presents to me in this day.

Christmas looked different this year. I have been so preoccupied with re-branding my business that Christmas was not a priority. Also, my 19-year-old went to spend Christmas with his aunt & uncle, which was weird for me as a mother, but good for him as a young adult flying on his own and making his own choices.

Christmas morning came and I was feeling a bit tired and in a state of “I need a jump-start” really bad. My friend had emailed me info on a YouTube short film titled “The Shepherd” A Story of the First Christmas courtesy of Vidangel Studios. My husband and I decided what a great choice for Christmas Day. It not only moved me but at the same time gave me that boost I was longing for. The rigorous work of the past few months had pretty much depleted my drive & positive attitude. The film helped me re-focus and take stock in what really matters. It gave me the meaning I had been longing for throughout the season of “The Three CCC’s”, (Commercialized Christmas Crap.)

I am committing this weekend to reflection on the wonderful things that have blessed my path this past year. Instead of looking back and feeling as if the year got away and I didn’t accomplish all of what I set out to do, I am choosing to reflect on the things I did accomplish as well as the things that I did learn. I will be thankful for a God who makes me want to be a better me and embrace the struggle that comes with it. Struggle is good, it births change, growth, and renewal.

I will be goal setting and in a totally new way that excites me. I commit to move forward in the New Year with a renewed outlook on all the opportunities that can be obtained, all of the blessings that will be discovered, and all of the blessings I can give to others. I commit to love more, to surrender more, and be present more. Here’s to the close of another year filled with life, and to the birth of a new year full of possibility.

May you have a blessed & prosperous 2018,

Lovin’ Life,

Diane Rogers

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Silent No More

In light of yet another high power figure falling from grace again, I cannot be silent any longer. I want this platform to be positive but with the current events that continue to unfold in work places across the world, I have to speak out regarding this negative; my intention is to speak light into someone’s darkness if they are facing an undesirable situation so that they are not robbed of a bright and productive future.

When I graduated from design school in Los Angeles I was a young 26-year-old ready to tackle the world. I excelled in school and had a great deal of talent just waiting to be molded and shaped into a fabulous career. Unfortunately, several experiences corroded my path along the way and possibly changed my course. Here is part of my story:

I remember getting an offer for an interview with an architectural firm.  I was so excited because I truly desired to further my education if possible and become an architect. I loved drafting and I was gifted at drawing renderings. As a young girl I would draw out  floor plans of dream homes on paper, not really aware at the time, this could become a career.

When I met with the architect who ran the firm he appeared nice and professional at first, then things took a turn for the worse. He interviewed me, and at the very end stated that I had the qualifications for the position, but he didn’t think he could hire me because he wanted to date me. His advances were stifling to me a young, naïve girl wanting to excel in the work place. I politely declined his advances and left. He later would continue to call me and try to convince me that a relationship, not a job, was a good idea.

I also worked for a high-powered entertainment law firm in Santa Monica. I was making decent money while trying to find the right fit for my design career. I was harassed by my boss. I always dressed nicely and professional, but things turned south one day when snide comments were made. I became very self-conscious and uncomfortable in the work place. I recall getting on the elevator one day and crying uncontrollably as I left work for that day. I went to the top lawyer who ran the firm to file a complaint. I was given many excuses for my boss’ behavior and then presented with a 3 month severance package and fired. I did not understand what had happened but I remember feeling so powerless and inferior and truly devastated. How could I even think of fighting such a big firm. I never realized how much these past experiences shaped the course of my life until recently.

The two incidents I share with you are only a fraction of what I have faced over the years in the work place. Because of this I had adopted the philosophy that I had no power, no right to say, “No, this is unacceptable”.

you are fearfully & wonderfully made

Today I have such a strong belief in God that I no longer buy into this bull. I can hold my head up high and say, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”. I am my own boss now. I speak to any of you out there who feel threatened in your work place. If you have endured unacceptable advances or situations, hold strong to who you are and do not let others rob you of your talents, gifts, and the right to excel in a safe and healthy work environment. If an incident arises, do not be silenced. This behavior must change for future generations. We must evolve as a culture that is respectful of all others. This climate of “turning the other way with a blind eye” when many know that these situations have been occurring must end. We must pave the way and offer protection and nurturing for the generations to come. Be bold, be brazen, and be who God made you to be. You are bigger than the obstacle.

Diane Rogers


So, here I go…

So, here I go, blog post numero uno. What thoughts come to mind? Apprehension. Vulnerability. Out there. Exposed..oh no what in the heck did I just get myself into???! O.K. now that I put that out there, here goes….

Me new do

I am an artist, a designer, a nature lover, foodie of sorts (isn’t everybody nowadays?), a visionary, a dreamer, and a closet writer. Now I can add blogger to my list! I have wanted to do this for years, but now that everyone else is doing it I thought, am I crazy? Why bother? I will be lost in the endless sea of bloggers on the Web. But my inner longings of my creative soul will no longer be kept dormant as I do have a voice.

What will I blog about? All things divinely inspired. You see as an artist and visionary I am always thinking, contemplating, dreaming, and so those things need to come out of my heart & head or I just may spontaneously com-bust! Will anyone read my blog? I don’t know that answer yet. But I do know I must purge my soul longings for my own sanity!

I have in the past been apprehensive about this blog thing.  The soul bullies come knocking and tell me, “So you think you are a writer, heh? What do you have to share or say? You have to have it all figured out first. You are not good enough.”…Oh, that last one! How many of us have heard that loud voice?

So this is where my 2 cents begins. Recently I read an amazing book that changed me. It opened up a part of me that has been dormant, pushed down and kept in a secure, protected place. Over the course of my life I have become more accustomed to playing it safe and in doing so, I have sacrificed a part of who I really am. I think many of us can relate. I have spent a lifetime of trying and striving to create an image and it has been exhausting… when all along God said, “You have an identity in Me that has already been designed. Discover it Diane. It is yours for the taking.”

I want to share about life experiences good & bad that have changed me. I want to share about things that I love; nature, family & friend time, art, my business adventures….did I leave out wine?… I hope that in using this platform I can inspire another soul to reach deep down inside and discover your dormant self and unleash it. After all, each one of us has something to offer this world. Go out and claim it!